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How to Vote on Nov. 2

The winner of the Township Committee seats will be decided by who gets the most votes. Although there are two seats on the ballot, I am asking you to vote for me alone. If you vote for me and one of the other candidates, it will cancel out your vote for me.


Only vote for one!

What is a Township Committee?

The Township model of government was based on the New England town meeting. White adult male landowners met to cast votes by headcount. Between votes, a committee would make decisions on urgent matters. Washington Township's Committee is a five member body. Each member is elected to a staggered 3 year term. The committee members then elect a mayor from among its members for a 1 year term to preside over committee meetings.

The Township Committee is responsible for overseeing police, fire, EMS, parks and recreation facilities, road repair, utilities, liaising with the board of education, and drawing up the yearly budget. The Committee can pass ordinances which are local laws that apply within the boundaries of Washington Township. The Committee can also issue proclamations to recognize an individual, organization, or achievement. 


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